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Cosmetic dentistry has become a booming trend among men and women of all ages. Veneers have played a large role in creating this boom based on the fast and outstanding results performed by dentists, even though veneers are contraindicated for many patients.

The primary concern of cosmetic patients, in general, and veneer patients specifically, is the cost. The second concern is finding a qualified dentist. Lastly, patients are concerned about how long their veneers will last and if there is a warranty. Most likely, these cosmetic patients do not take these important decisions lightly.

Patients are trying to find veneer clinics online to completely resolve these concerns. 

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Pediatric dentistry is also a hot online service that is often combined with orthodontic treatment and covered by insurance. Most parents desire to get educated concerning the stages of pediatric dentistry.
Many pediatric treatments cannot be delayed, so that often results in parents booking appointments directly for their children.

On the other hand, preventive dentistry is also hot and directed towards kids that make online marketing pediatric dentistry effective, if based on niche education elements and a good plan for targeting parents.

Most patients do not know what a periodontist is, and most severe periodontal disease and grafting surgery is referred from general practitioners, periodontists, like oral surgeons, perform implants and combine it with periodontal treatment.

Therefore, to find this type of patient is not easy. You need a very precise plan to enhance your perio-clinic presence online to be referred from other dentists.

Periodontal treatment marketing online takes longer to see results than other specialties, and you need to provide a more educational plan to let patients understand your mission and choose your services.

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The mission of Niche Dental Marketing Services (NDM) is converting all online marketing methods into niche targets by understanding the online behaviors of each patient type and using the best marketing channel for each dental service.

The co-founder of NDM is an experienced dentist who helps his team understand online patient behaviors in depth in order to eliminate their concerns and encourage them to contact a dentist. 
The most popular dental niche marketing we provide is dental veneers marketing, and we have established a unique dental veneers network portal, network of social media and other online groups, to service this specialty. We cover all niche dental service marketing, including implants, root canal treatment (RCT), crowns, bridges, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry and oral surgery.

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Orthodontics is a very hot online market since most orthodontic patients who conduct online searches are serious.

Most parents will book appointments directly for their children to begin treatment. The advantage to this service is that long-term monthly payments alleviate price concerns so cost is not a big issue. Most orthodontic patients are children and teenagers, and the decisions are made by the parents, so the online marketing plan must be targeted to this group.

Crowns and bridges have become the hottest and biggest market in dental treatment today, resulting from the boom in cosmetic dentistry and the trend towards metal-free restoration (e.g, Zirconium, e.max and empress) as well as the desire for a natural smile.
Patients requiring crowns and bridges come from many sources, including post-root canal treatment (if implants are not desired), requests for veneers (although they are contraindicated) or simply for cosmetic purposes. The plan and source of marketing depends on the purpose of this treatment.

Impacted tooth extraction is taking over from standard oral surgery treatments that are searched for online, as well as other treatments resulting from referrals, such as apexectomy and cyst removal.
Online marketing of oral surgery is not effective except in the case of wisdom tooth and impacted tooth extraction, but oral surgery has to exist online for other general practitioners and dentists to search for an oral surgeon online. On the other hand, most oral surgeons place implants so they are more qualified for certain implant cases, such as sinus lifting. The implant dental marketing plan is more effective for surgeons.

Dental implant patients are usually from the middle age to senior demographic, and their concerns differ from other patients. Price is important but is not the main concern of these patients. Rather, their primary concern is finding a qualified implant dentist, since it is surgery. Over-denture implant treatments are most likely the result of suffering from a previous treatment.

Demonstrating experience is crucial in order to ease the patients’ minds and ensure comfort. Aesthetic results are even important for anterior teeth.
Therefore, a marketing strategy for dental implants requires compelling content in order to choose the right channel and right time.

Dental Marketing 

Root canal treatment (RCT) is the most urgent treatment in the dental field. RCT cases can result from search engines, regular dental check-ups and referrals from general practitioners to endodontists. 

Sedation dentistry is a hot field since it is covered by insurance companies; therefore, most patients do not focus on the price of this service. The positive in this field is that it can be a gateway to other restoration services due to the likelihood of generating a crown following an RCT.